SHIFT72 API Documentation


The SHIFT72 API is grouped into a number of areas of use. Developers can use this reference page to navigate to areas of interest.

  • User API - User login and registration
  • Meta API - Provides descriptions for films and TV
  • Geo API - Provides geo location information
  • Pricing API - Provides multi currency pricing and region controls
  • Shopping API - Provides a transactional shopping service
  • Content API - Provides content ingestion and playback services
  • Reporting API - Provides sales reporting services
  • License API - Provides license authorization services
  • Webhooks API - Set up integrations which subscribe to certain events from your SHIFT72 platform.


Authentication is achieved using the domain of the site that you own. For example, our demo site is the endpoint used for api access. Think of this domain name as a ‘username’ when it comes to using the api. You also need to supply an api key, this will authenticate the requests as needed. Not all requests require authentication.

Example Request

curl -i '' \
     -d 'user[email]' \
     -d 'user[password]=password' \
     -X POST
curl -i '' \
     -H 'Content-Type: application/json;charset=UTF-8' \
     -d '{ "user": {
            "remember_me":false }


HttpStatus: 200
    "name":"Admin User",
        "name":"Admin User",

Error Handling

Errors will use HTTP status codes. In some cases a reason will be supplied.


We’re starting to move toward using OpenAPI for documentation. This is a work in progress, at the moment only a few APIs are documented.