Geo Service

The geo service is responsible for providing geo location information.

Summary: Provide the country of the requester
Authentication: None, X-Auth
                  GET /services/geo/v1/location/where_am_i


Use this API to determine the location of the user. This request can be made with the X-Auth token and an interim result of INPRO can be returned meaning the geo location lookup is in progress.

Query String Request Parameters

Parameter Description
ip_address Optional. Use this specific IP address in the geo lookup.

Response Parameters

Parameter Type Description
country_code string ISO 3166-1 two-letter country code.
ip_address string The IP address of the requester.


Geo Location Request

curl -i ''

Geo Location Request With IP Address

curl -i ''

Geo Location Request With Auth Token

curl -i '' \
-H 'x-auth-token: e7ddfaf607c1b9f165500b312dc3d6d5'

Response: In Progress

HttpStatus: 200

Response: Success

HttpStatus: 200